Copy (2012) of the Clavichord attributed to J. H. Silbermann in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg (MIR 1061)

keyboard of the Silbermann clavichord copy
the rose of the  Silbermann clavichord copy
the soundboard with the bridge, the pins and the rose
the keyboard with the carved levers
the rose
section of the copy of the Silbermann clavichord
the copy of the Silbermann clavichord

The original clavichord was attributed for years, together with the other four identical clavichords in museums in Berlin,Vienna and Paris, to Johann Heinrich Silbermann. This attribution, based just on the design of the rose (which corresponds to the rose of a signed spinet by Johann Heinrich Silbermann) has been questioned. A detailed investigation and comparison of the five clavichords and the only surviving spinet by J. H. Silbermann is a project which still needs to be carried out.

The instrument has a deep walnut case, a range of five octaves and is unfretted.

Photos of the building process

  • the construction without soundboard
  • the inner construction
  • dovetail connections of the corners
  • dovetails on the right side of the keyboard
  • the construction without balance rail
  • the belly rail construction
  • the bottom board without balance rail
  • the balance rail on the bottom
  • before sawing the keyboard
  • the sondboard ribbing