Instrument copies

The instruments I build are copies based as closely as possible on the originals. An integral part and the beginning of each project is the careful examination of the surviving originals. I was greatly influenced by the fact that I came to instrument making as a museum restorer.

Friends and colleagues accompanied me on my way and gave important suggestions, but for me the real masters remain the builders of the original instruments. I try to understand the originals as well as I can, an intuitive understanding, before planing the first board. The various kinds of wood are copied as well as small details.

If technical drawings exist I use them, otherwise I make my own. Many photos help remind me of important details during the construction process. I carry out every step myself, from buying the wood to the preparation of the wood to the detailed fine craft work, the painting and polishing.

I only buy the strings, the cloth and the leather; all other parts are made in my workshop. The hinges are made by a blacksmith to my specifications. I use exclusively natural glue (hide glue, fish glue, casein glue). To smooth the wood I use various hand planes and the scraper. For the painting and polishing of the cases I use natural pigments, resins and oil.

Copies and Reproductions