Cristofori piano with the keyboard range GG - d3

Cristofori piano built in 2015
keyboard, escapement und check
the hammer action
the signature on the hammer action
hand forged lock

This Cristofori piano, completed in 2015, has a range of 4½ octaves (GG – d3) to satisfy the requirements of musician clients. We know from documents and the surviving Cristofori instruments that his keyboards did not extend above c3 in the treble, but the basses in some instruments reached down to GG and FF. The number of keys for the range GG-d3 corresponds to the original range of the 1720 Cristofori piano in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (FF, GG, AA – c3). The curve of the nut is based on the Cristofori piano from 1722 in Rome and remaining features such as the string length, the case construction, the inner construction and the hammer action are copied from the Cristofori piano from 1726 in the Grassi-Museum in Leipzig.

Photos of the building process

  • hand forged nails to fix the inner construction on the baseboard
  • detail of the wrestplanck with the nut
  • bellyrail, wrestplanck and gap spacers
  • double bentside construction
  • double bentside construction
  • saw cuts, Cristofori's method of bending the bentside
  • inner construction
  • inner construction
  • soundboard ribbing
  • wood join of the hitch pin rail before the gluing
  • wood join of the hirchpin rail after the gluing
  • model of the Cristofori action from 1726